Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HEM Questions

HEM Questions is a new YahooGroups discussion group and forum which addresses questions and answers about homeschooling, as presented in every issue of Home Education Magazine, in the Questions and Answers column, edited by Laura Weldon. The format presents two questions for each issue of the magazine, and readers and other interested homeschoolers offer answers, advice, ideas and solutions to the problem.

The current questions, presented for the upcoming May/June issue of HEM:
"I'm a left-brainer with a grad degree in hard science who finds herself raising two highly artistic kids. I've learned to be patient with the mess of spontaneous projects (sort of patient) but I have no good ideas for teaching the arts as they get older. Their ages are 6 and 8. Ideas welcome." B. Wasserman
"I am completely at wit's end with my son (10). He doesn't write anything readable and throws a fit when I make him rewrite his work. He argues with me all the time and has gotten more immature than his younger brother. What can I do to turn this problem around?" -Meg, Portland ME
Current answers must be posted at the HEM Questions forum before the deadline of March 10th. Please note that answers may be edited for space, clarity, and other considerations, but the HEM editors will not change the meaning or the intent of your answers. If you have questions for a future issue, you may post or email them to the online forum, or send them via email to the HEM Questions and Answers editor, Laura Weldon, at

HEM Questions

To join via email send a blank message to:

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